Brains to reckon with

Update: As a semi-retired school quizzer, I’m in no way acquainted with most school quizzers in the current circuit. This list is accurate up to early to middle 2016. There are way more quizzers now in the circuit, and they’re deadly. You don’t reckon with those brains, you cower under some buzzers and hope they don’t kill you.

Update: Unfortunately, many school quizzers fall by the wayside because of the silent killer known as *ahem* entrance coaching. As a result, you will find more former school quizzers in Kottayam and Thrissur than in any other district of Kerala.

Update to update: That awkward moment when you realise you know more ex-school quizzers than school quizzers.


* Aravind Baburajan (Tvm)
* Bharath P. S. (Tvm)
* Madhavan Mohan (Tvm)
* Kalyani Kiran (Tvm)
* Thomas John (Ktm)
* Sidharth Suresh (Ekm)
* Gowri Prasanth (Ekm)
* Anand Rajagopal (Ekm)
* Athul Unnikrishnan (Ekm)
* Sidharth Rekha (Ekm)
* Adithyan Unni (Ekm)
* Pratyush Padmanabhan (Ekm)
* Dhananjay B (Ekm)
* Nandana Sony (Ekm)
* Sreeram Madhavan (Ekm)
* Ananthu CV (Tcr)
* Madhav R Babu (Mpm)
* Mahadev Nambiar (Clt)
* Neelima M. Nair (Clt)
* Aswin Suresh S (Clt/Ktm)

School Quizzers Emeriti

* Nandu Ashok (Ekm)
* Abdul Vahid (Pkd)
* Sulyab Thottungal (Clt)
* Zainab Ummer Farook (Clt)
* Adit Chandra (Tvm)
* Vignesh Krishnan (Tvm)
* Denita Mendez (Ekm)
* Anant M Nambiar (Ekm)
* Achyuth Jayagopal (Ekm)
* Rohit Sathish Nair (Ekm)
* Abhishek Mohan (Ekm)
* Gayathri Iyer (Ekm)
* Anjali Sasikumar (Clt)
* Amruth Chand (Clt)
* Neeraj P. S. (Clt)
* Swathi C S (Ekm)
* Adit Vishnu (Tcr)
* Harikrishnan N J (Tcr)
* Muhammed Faseel (Pkd)
* Amal Damodaran (Mpm)
* Sreeram M Unnithan (Mpm)
* Nargees K. A. (Mpm)
* Deepthi Suresh (Mpm/Ktm)
* Muralikrishnan Padmakumar (Ktm)
* Amal Mathew James (Ktm)
* Harishankar Anil (Ktm)
* Nandagopal M (Clt/Chennai)
* Alok Reon (Clt)
* Lakshmi Samyukta N. Warrier (Clt/Ktm)
* Bhagya S. (Clt)
* Harigovind Elamana (Ekm)
* Varun Nambiar (Ekm)

My personal opinion. Don’t take this too seriously. 😹

Updated periodically


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