Brains to reckon with

Just as an appendix, here are some of the best school quizzers (from Kerala) I know:

Update: Unfortunately, many school quizzers fall to the wayside because of the silent killer known as *ahem* entrance coaching. As a result, you will find more former school quizzers in Kottayam and Thrissur than in any other district of Kerala.

Update to update: That awkward moment when you realise you know more ex-school quizzers than school quizzers.


* Aravind Baburajan (Tvm)
* Bharath P. S. (Tvm)
* Muralikrishnan Padmakumar (Ktm)
* Amal Mathew James (Ktm)
* Harishankar Anil (Ktm)
* Thomas John (Ktm)
* Harigovind Elamana (Ekm)
* Varun Nambiar (Ekm)
* Sidharth Suresh (Ekm)
* Gowri Prasanth (Ekm)
* Anand Rajagopal (Ekm)
* Athul Unnikrishnan (Ekm)
* Sidharth Rekha (Ekm)
* Adithyan Unni (Ekm)
* Swathi C S (Ekm)
* Adit Vishnu (Tcr)
* Harikrishnan N J (Tcr)
* Muhammed Faseel (Pkd)
* Amal Damodaran (Mpm)
* Sreeram M Unnithan (Mpm)
* Nargees K. A. (Mpm)
* Deepthi Suresh (Mpm/Ktm)
* Mahadev Nambiar (Clt)
* Nandagopal M (Clt/Chennai)
* Aswin Suresh S (Clt/Ktm)
* Alok Reon (Clt)
* Srutha Keerthi (Clt)
* Lakshmi Samyukta N. Warrier (Clt/Ktm)
* Bhagya S. (Clt)

School Quizzers Emeriti

* Nandu Ashok (Ekm)
* Abdul Vahid (Pkd)
* Sulyab Thottungal (Clt)
* Zainab Ummer Farook (Clt)
* Adit Chandra (Tvm)
* Vignesh Krishnan (Tvm)
* Denita Mendez (Ekm)
* Anant M Nambiar (Ekm)
* Achyuth Jayagopal (Ekm)
* Rohit Sathish Nair (Ekm)
* Abhishek Mohan (Ekm)
* Gayathri Iyer (Ekm)
* Anjali Sasikumar (Clt)
* Amruth Chand (Clt)
* Neeraj P. S. (Clt)

My personal opinion. Don’t take this too seriously. 😹

For obvious reasons, I have not included my own name. (So you could probably conclude that I’m none of these people?) 😁

Updated periodically


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