[i have

deliberately avoided punctuation

(but not spelling or grammar

which wild horses would not

persuade me to part with)

(in spite of which

grammar and spelling mistakes

will no doubt have crept in:

my apologies)

in an attempt to create

something i can be embarrassed with

five or maybe ten years into the future

because not writing in an attempt

to get everything right on the first try

is nothing but

begging for disappointment

and striving for that level of mastery

is pretty much impossible

without having stumbled

more times than you can count

and fallen flat on your face

(in public)

but always getting up

and going on

because that’s what

makes it worthwhile —

and also,

risking your all

your face, your beliefs, your thoughts,

baring your goddamn heart

for the world to see

is secretly kind of fun to do

in principle at least

and if someone disagrees

with what you think

well let them


and if they agree

let them do that anyhow

who are we to say

how other people must think?

no wrong, no right

just different points of view

which are right to some,

and unthinkably, irrevocably wrong

to some others

and yet others have no opinion

but just go with the flow

and stick with the side

which seems to be “winning” —

the majority —

but does that mean

their point of view is right?


maybe there isn’t anything

like a “right” point of view —

but on the other hand

this is also a point of view

so it is equally likely

that “right” and “wrong”

points of view do exist —

if so then who decides

which is the “right” point of view?

if that person would please stand up

and tell the world what to do

that would be great

because right now what the world needs

is precisely that —

someone to call out humanity

on the wrongs it’s been doing

and soon

very soon.

and i think right now

this is embarrassing enough

and should suffice for now

twenty-seven year old me

i hope when you read this

you’ll be able to say honestly

you’ve come a long way

from this shitty blank verse

and i hope you who are reading

did not get bored enough

to abandon this halfway

if you’re reading this

thank you so much

and i love you

and i hope you’ll stick around

because i’ll get better at this

i promise.]





5 thoughts on “marginalia.

  1. Liked this..:

    and i hope you’ll stick around

    because i’ll get better at this

    i promise.]

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 I sure hope I do, though!


  2. We gotta meet someday, and that’s what’s been looming in my mind for quite a while. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure thing! 😀 I’ll message you the next time I’m in your place 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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