Open letter to a rock

Dear Rock,

Late last night, I heard you. You didn’t know anyone was around, but I was there. And you were crying. You were moaning to yourself that you were worthless, compared to the diamond, the ruby, the sapphire and everyone else. That you were good for nothing. That no one wanted you.

Rock, that simply isn’t true. No one wants rocks? Try telling that to the mountain, he’s MADE up of rocks. Rocks are good for nothing? Tell that to the geologist, he STUDIES you for a living. Hell, even that diamond and ruby and sapphire you were talking about? They were found from within you.

Look here, rock, there’s nothing on earth without its own purpose. And think just how much better purpose you were put to than the diamond and ruby and sapphire. All they’re used for is as decorative ornaments. You’re so much more than an ornament. You’re used to build stuff. You form part of thing that’s been around FOREVER. People refer to the Stone Age, not the Diamond Age. (Stones, rocks, whatever.) You hear of rock paintings and rock carvings. If someone tried to carve something on a ruby or something, you think it’d work out well? Hell no.

Even the English language (or, more accurately, the people who use the English language) know just how indispensable you are. People refer to someone as “their rock” when they know they can rely on them. You know why? Because they know that you, the original rock, can be relied on. You ever heard them calling someone “their sapphire”? And they always say ” LET’S ROCK THE PARTY!!” If they’d said “Let’s diamond the party” instead, they’d probably be left to “diamond” it out themselves.

I’m not saying that being a diamond or ruby or sapphire or whatever isn’t a good thing. It is. But being a rock isn’t a bad thing either, and, whichever you happen to be, just remember that you’re awesome the way you are. 😉


5 thoughts on “Open letter to a rock

  1. That one made me smile!

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  2. That’s a good way of motivating people 🙂 !

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  3. This is beautifully written. I was smiling throughout. ^_^

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