High on quizzing.

It’s such a satisfying feeling when you win a quiz.

It’s so much more satisfying when you win it for the second time.

And when you win it three years running, from class 8 to class 10, every year you can participate within the class limit — well. You get the point. 😀

What about when you win a quiz breaking someone’s winning streak?

When you win a quiz with a partner who’s relatively new to the game?

When you recover from a low period and get back to your usual form?

When you win, in spite of the odds being heavily stacked against you?

What about that feeling when you hear that familiar dialogue — “…and the first prize goes to…”, and you know it’s meant for you, and your heart starts beating faster, and all sorts of emotions break loose within you?

Some would say it’s just adrenalin rush. But we know better. This is the stuff which quizzers get high on. The surprise when you make a random guess which turns out to be right. The relief when you find that your buzzer has finally decided to work in your favour. The undescribable feeling you get when you think “I. Will. Win. This. Quiz. Or. Die. Trying.” The suspense as you slowly, slowly, inch past your nearest opponent and… you’re now in the lead. The high you get when you answer one, two, three, four, five, six, seven buzzer questions in a row. The mingled astonishment and delight when you see your team top the scoreboard with a lead of 70 points?! The euphoria when you realise that yes, it is you who’s won.

These are the moments a quizzer lives for. ❤


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