Stop driving me crazy.

Right now, I’m using a computer in my mother’s office, which is successfully driving me crazy.

It isn”t particularly archaic. But, for some reason of its own, formulated in the depths of its CPU-brain, it insists on typing at the rate of 1. Freaking. Letter. Per. Second.

As I write this, it tries, frantically, to keep up with the pace of my typing, and, failing to do so, gets stuck in the miuddle of a qword. Damn, a spelling mistake. I can;’t even correcft it  because it is still doggedly typing what I finished typing all of five minutes ago.

It’s kind of like watching the way my brain works. One letter, two letters, three letters forward, one character backspace, more letters, space, full stop. The cursor blinks, a letter appears. It blinks again, another letter appears. Which is irritating, because I’m used to seeing the words appear as soon as I type them. Without any mistakes either, for that matter.

Aaargh. I’m going crazy for real now.

Why you be so cruel, computer. What did I do to you?

My hands are  positively itching to run a virus scan and clean out (i.e. uninstall every single unnecessary program from) the system but it’s a work computer so I’m not really confident that I won’t delete/uninstall something important.

Ah well. Nothing much that can be done, can it. My only consolation: I can always switch off the computer and return to my book. 😉


1 thought on “Stop driving me crazy.

  1. It happens to my laptop too! believe me, whenever it happens, I type whatever I want to type, watch a movie, come back, and see the last word getting typed.

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