Slave to our Memory

Eureka! This is the blog which I was raving over a few days ago. And I find it’s even more awesome than I expected–razor-sharp, imaginative, and to the point. Believe me, this is one heck of a blog, and you seriously oughta check it out! 😀

Quizzically Challenged

Have you ever had that moment when you were really, really excited about something, but then forgotten what it was? Well then, welcome to the club. Free muffins for newbs, provided you manage to remember forget what muffins are. And what the club is.

Jokes apart, though, it is seriously annoying when that happens. I mean, one minute you’re all like godsthisissuchagoodideahowdidieverthinkofit — and the next GODSIDONTREMEMBERANYTHINGWHATISHAPPENINGTOMEAAARGH — well, you get the point. It’s like extracting this particularly beautiful diamond, all by yourself, and then when you’re holding it up to the light to admire your resourcefulness/cleverness/awesomeness/whatever, it falls back into the bottomless pit from where you’d extricated it. Sigh. So much for hard work.

There is one difference, though. In the case of your memory, you can always dive into the well and get your diamond back. It’s a difficult search, though, and usually you just give it up…

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