Reverberate 9.0

While the world sleeps, quizzers just keep quizzing. Yet another edition of WQC and Reverberate Quiz Festival​ has come and gone. Kudos to the winners, great show by you all. Quizmasters, you were simply superb. Really enjoyed attending all your quizzes!

Looking back, though, this was so much more than just a quiz festival. It was an opportunity to meet new friends, renew old acquaintances, find knowledge hitherto unknown, and rediscover knowledge forgotten. And, of course, meet some of the finest brains in the state (or indeed, in the country), and actually watch how their minds work. For, after all (to quote an eminent QM), isn’t quizzing so much more than the learning of facts, but actually the training of the mind to think?

Maybe a quiz can be taken as a metaphor for life. There are times when the course of a quiz is predictable (not necessarily dull). There might be one team who is considerably ahead of the other finalists, and who is expected to win the quiz (and does). Then there are times when it’s a tough fight between two or more teams in the finals. When all the teams are equally matched, then prepare for an exciting finish. Yet another kind of final (and, in my opinion, one of the best) is when one team which was trailing in the first few rounds makes a last-minute comeback and finally wins. (All these, and more, have happened over the past three days, by the way.) Just like life itself, a quiz can be unpredictable, funny, exciting, or dramatic, depending on how you choose to see it.

Or it may be nothing more nor less than what it actually is–a test of your knowledge and thinking skills. Whatever it may be, quizzing is just as addictive as any drug, if not more (to quote another eminent QM).

So, to all those who attended Reverb this year–it was a pleasure to have met all of you, competed alongside you, and to have had you here at one of the biggest quizzing festivals in the country. To quote yet another eminent quizzer (and sometime QM), just

keep calm


2 thoughts on “Reverberate 9.0

  1. Anjali_sasikumar June 9, 2015 — 5:16 pm

    Well said.!

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  2. 👌👌👏

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