Someone like you

As of writing, many of my friends one year senior to me–for some reason, there are a lot of them–are leaving for eleventh grade to different schools, most of them boarding. So, to those I know who are leaving, here’s to you:

To Alok: one of the best quiz partners I’ve ever teamed up with, I’m not sure whether you’re going or not, but just in case–you were an awesome friend to have last year (and the years before), and I have no idea how you stood me in spite of my deplorable ignorance of vidgames/movies/many, many things you are interested in. So if you’re going, take care. If you’re not going–GREAT! Stay here, you fool.

To Meghna: I don’t want you to go! But go you must, I suppose. Well, anyway, I’ll never forget the support you gave me when I needed it, nor will I forget your advice. Thanks for that, girl. And hope to see you again sometime soon.

To Feva: Fevicol! You’re still in our school, God bless you. Keep sticking (pardon the pun) to what you believe in, even if no one else agrees with you.

To Archana: nee eppo nokkiyalum “orikkalum kanunnillallo” paranju mungalanallo… -_- enthayalum 11th adichu polikku! (roughly translated: You always say “I never see you these days!” and then disappear… Anyway, enjoy 11th!) All the best!

To Zoozoo: Memories, memories, and more memories! I really hope you’ll be around this year, because you’re really an awesome senior. Here’s to you!

To Nikhil: 12 – 3 = 9. Do you remember that? 😉 Good luck with 11th…

To Kunhappan Sr: Where did you learn how to irritate people so much? I should take tuitions from you for that. *ahem*

To Shamil: Just to let you know, whatever you say, I’ll still call you T****. 😂 Let me know if you want that word uncensored.

To many, many other seniors who I didn’t get to know as well as I wanted to (Vajra, Niranjana, Manjima, Rithin, Salonee, Manasi, (Gautam) Arangil, Vishnu, Radhika, Rishika, Ananya, Samyukta, and everyone else): I wish we’d known each other better. For some reason, we just weren’t in sync with you guys… anyway, all the best for the next year and the rest of your lives. God bless you all, and keep in touch. Hope we’ll meet again some day! :’)

And then, some seniors I know out of school:

To Murali and Amal: enjoy your sojourn in hell. Murali, I have NO IDEA how you’ll survive without Breaking Bad. Hope you’ve finished watching your episodes before you have to go. Amal, so you say they kill you then rape you. Let me know when that happens. All the best, guys.

To Amulbaby: nee poyallum ivdethanne undavum ennu enikkariyam. (I know you’ll still be around even if you switch schools.) Happy quizzing macha!

To Sreeram: Enough of the studying. Come for a quiz!

To Amar: You’re not going anywhere. You’re just switching schools–because the school you’re switching to is closer and you’ll get more time to study! Padu. And there’s JCI, so I’ll be seeing you sometime around. Just another thing: we girls can beat you in football any day. Remember that.

To Samyukta: You’re not switching schools! Yay. Though you could have come here, y’know. 😉 I’ll try to drag Kavya to your house soon…

To Kavya S. Nair: Finally decided on Commerce, I see. Good luck, girl. And since you still live near my house, I can’t really say “I miss you,” you know…

To Nandagopal: The quintessential padu. But man, I’ll miss you. You were one hell of an opponent (for some reason, we never teamed up), and I respect your quizzing skills a lot. Not to mention your first-attempt 9.5 in the PSA. Even though Amruth got the same score, and Amal got a 9.7, you’re still the first person I think of (Amal, don’t kill me). Enjoy FIITJEE!

To Vinay: Hah, you beat me in our first quiz together and I’m still not done taking revenge by winning every other quiz we’ve participated in! Memories, man. Enjoy hell (like Murali and Amal), and see you sometime soon. And if we don’t ever meet again, I suppose I’ll see you hitting sixers in heaven. You only live once, remember!

To Deepthi: Enjoy Pala, girl, and study hard. Just keep calm and carry on quizzing! And another thing: don’t ask anyone younger than you for their autograph. Ever. 😉

To Nargees: Hope you’ll still be active in our quizzing circles, since I hardly ever see you otherwise. Like, ever. Come on, the last time I saw you was in June! Unless you’ve come for any other quiz and I didn’t see you.

To Bhagya: Hellooo? Anyone hooome?

To Anupama, Nivedita, Naba, and Zahra: Pleeeaase stay on at Chevayur (or come to our school!) We need more experienced hands at table tennis for a change. Your school will most likely be the hosts this year, so if you could stay on that’d be great. 😉 Seriously, though, all the best! Keep doing what you love to do.

To Kavya KS: I really really really hope you’ll still be here this year. You’re such fun to be around I don’t know what we’ll all do if you go back to Kochi. Pine away and die? Okay, maybe not that excessive. But still, if you’re going, just to let you know that everyone (yours truly included) is going to miss you A LOT. That week last year was one of the best times of my life (most of the credit to Chevayur, by the way) and it’s still fresh in my mind. Love you girl. :’)

To L.S.N.W: Come on, it’s nearly a year since we saw you last. Hope you stay in Calicut, because we need to come over and drag you to the next quiz that comes by. All the best! Okay, that wish’s not gonna come true. But the good wishes still remain. All the best for the rest of your life, and just be yourself. Always. No matter what.

And last, but not the least, to YOU: Whether you know me (and our batch) well or not, just remember this–you’ll always occupy a special place in our hearts. Just remember, wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you’re doing–there’s always someone who cares for you and wants you to do well. God bless you, and all the best in everything you do!

P. S. On an unrelated(?) note, many people seem to have deactivated their Facebook accounts in advance of the new academic year. Coincidence? I think not.



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