I’m a blogger. Deal with it.

Before I began blogging, I was rather sceptical of the idea. One thing I just couldn’t understand was this: why on earth would any sane person spill out their souls on a computer screen (as opposed to paper–I’m still all for tradition) and, more bewilderingly, publish it for the whole world to see? Our thoughts are our own–they’re private. And confidential. You’d better have a pretty good reason for being this stupid, since what’s posted on the ‘net today remains on the net forever–whether it’s deleted or taken down or not. The day it’ll be totally effaced is the day the Internet will be dismantled. And even I’m not so hardcore as to suggest such a drastic possibility. Next best solution? Don’t blog. Ever.

Well then, what made me change my mind? It’s only now, after I’ve been a blogger for some time (or, to be more precise: stopped looking down my nose at blogging *ahem*) that I’ve begun to get it. Blogging, to me before, was nothing but airing our dirty laundry in public. Now, it’s just another way to vent. The added bonus, of course, as compared to journaling in private is that with blogging, you get to know that you’re not alone–that there are actually other people who sympathise (or empathise–fingers crossed for the latter) with your point of view, your thoughts and your feelings. And at times when you feel that you’re all alone in the world, this is especially comforting to know.

Besides, there’s always the (remote) possibility that with what we write, we could actually inspire others. I know, I know. It’s hard to imagine, especially for new bloggers. But see, it’s true. Everything we read remains with us, and ultimately influences our thoughts, actions, and behaviour. Even the newbie on the block can make a difference–provided they actually write. Nothing can be accomplished without action, remember.

This is my 30th post–not even close to a century–but still, it’s a milestone no less (to me, anyway 😋). Stick to blogging, and it’ll stick to you.  And in case you’re wondering; yes, I am a blogger. And proud to be one. Deal with it.

(c) Kristina B -- CC--NC/ND 2.0
(c) Kristina B — CC–NC/ND 2.0

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