Bhutanese passport? Or Plutonese passport?

Ever since an unsuspecting user clicked the “Listen to article” button on the Wikipedia article Bhutanese passport, the spoken-word version of this article has become a more or less viral meme on the Internet. The article has been updated since then, and a new audio recording made to reflect the changes made, so you can’t listen to the audio from the article anymore (in fact, I believe they actually nominated the audio for deletion)–but some good Samaritan uploaded the audio as a video to YouTube.

Don’t worry, as far as we know this isn’t a dinosaur with a bad head-cold speaking. Dinosaurs went extinct long ago. However, that does not rule out the possibility that it’s an alien from outer space, which may mean that they could, in theory, invade the planet. Be prepared.

You may be startled by the sudden “Bhutanese Passport!” which begins the audio. It just gets better. “In the kingdom of Bum-THANG…” Check out the “foreign travel passports” as well. “Type of passpooooooorts”… slow down, slow down, we’re not done laughing yet. An ordinary passport is red–in Dzongkha, “Shin….. *oh darn it I knew this word oh yeah I got it* thron passport”. An official passport is green–“paw-Chang pass-poort…” A DI-plo-MA-tic passport is “bluuuue!”den-ZHEN passport… as though he didn’t want to stop talking. We don’t want you to, either!

Some may say that this audio (which was created by a native of Bhutan, by the way) is racist. But hey, we’re not poking fun at the person–we’re just laughing at the accent. Very sorry if anyone takes this in the wrong way, but I really can’t help you out. 😛 On the other hand, if you can view (er, hear) this joke in the light it’s meant to be–as a joke, nothing more nor less–then good for you. 😀

P. S. A very Happy Easter to all of you.🐰🍫


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