Tenth grade?

Our tenth year in school began really well. I think not.

To be fair, though, it would have been really good if the teachers hadn’t been so pessimistic.

See, the problem is the teachers feel we’re not “performing up to our potential”. That’s just a fancy way of saying they think we’re lazy. And just “lazy” doesn’t cut it. We’re just the third batch to survive till tenth grade in our school, yet they think that we’re the worst ever batch they’ll ever teach. Apparently, our grades were nothing but eyesores. We’ll have to get our act together pretty soon if we want good grades, they say, which is the reason why we’re on a tech ban till the end of the year (and probably till twelfth grade as well).

Well, I’m not saying they’re wrong. We are lazy, I admit. But that’s just a general description. The two batches who came before us were lazy, too. But the problem with our batch is that there is a really high percentage of ne’er-do-wells as compared to the previous two batches. And that’s pretty obvious from the number of people who failed–13–as compared to 1 or 2 from our senior batches. And that leads to the whole batch, which actually has a lot of good students, being tarred with the same brush. Which is frustrating. Add to which the fact that the question papers in our school are drastically different, and way more difficult than the question papers in other schools, and those which came for our seniors’ exams. Kinda discouraging, then, when we’re blamed for not performing as well as them. To tell the truth, I dare say our seniors would have gotten more or less the same grades as us if they’d had the same question papers when they were as old as we are now. (And no, I’m not prepared to test that theory.)

Anyway, we plan to enjoy this year. The teachers have forbidden us–more or less–to communicate with our friends out of school, which includes chatting and meeting up after class. Well, I’m not saying we’ll completely disregard what they say, but we’ll manage somehow, never fear. And, of course, study as hard as we play (I don’t know about the others–this applies to me!)

So here’s to yet another year of fun, friendship, love, and togetherness. Let’s just do it! 😀


2 thoughts on “Tenth grade?

  1. Anjali_sasikumar May 27, 2015 — 10:41 am

    Cheers to a good year ;), and dont you waste a bit of it !
    PS: Yep, extreme levels of joblessness has brought me here, and im quite liking it! Keep up the awesome work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, sasi gal 🙂 same applies to you too, last year of school remember! Gonna miss you next year 😦


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