…but will you be remembered?

continuation of You will be missed.

Scarier than the fact that she committed suicide is the fact that she was so easily forgotten.

It was on Friday–the 27th–that she died, and we learnt about it on Monday–the 30th. It was a major topic of discussion that day. But after that, I have heard literally no one talk about her. I mean, seeing as she was in our school for at least a year, isn’t it rather odd that no one remembers how she was, empathises with how she must have felt, or even regret her dying? All the people who I talked to about her seemed a bit detached about her death–like they didn’t care a hang whether she lived or died. (I may be being overly harsh, but that’s just how I felt.)

I think I mentioned we shared the same first name. Well, that whole day I had to endure jokes from my classmates on the lines of “Hey, I heard you committed suicide?” I didn’t really care what they were saying about me–it was what they were saying about her. I have no idea how people can be so tactless and immature–but then, they’re just 15.

Just goes to show, it’s scary how easily people forget. Forget that whether a person is dead or not, she was one of us. That, in the same circumstances, it could be us. That “there, but for the grace of God, go I”. And indeed, it could be you next time. Never forget that.


4 thoughts on “…but will you be remembered?

  1. What you describe is so wrong. But, that is how society handles suicide. We shove it under the rug. This society does little to support those that struggle with depression. Makes one angry.

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  2. I agree… but then, it’s probably because they’re afraid of it. And they think that if they pretend it never existed, it’ll stop being a problem. It’s frustrating.


  3. This is definitely a scary thought. It is situations like this that show us how disappointing our society has turned out to be. Life will always be unfair. We might not always receive our just desserts. But then, suicide isn’t an option either. I might not know her, but she was still a human being. My prayers go to the girl and her family.May she rest in peace.

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