Titles don’t matter just now.

“Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me!” Right? Nope.

Sorry about the cliched opening, but see, I need to write this.

I need to be calm.

I need to be in control.

I need to remain impassive–at least outwardly.

I may be screaming inwardly–but outside, I’ve got to remain as though it were just any day.

Oh gods, I actually said I didn’t feel the pain. Don’t I! Yeah right, like hell I don’t. Leave me alone, for godsake. I need some space. I need to think. I need to think more.

There’s no earthly reason why this should hurt me, either. There’s absolutely no problem. But there is a problem. I’m going insane. What the hell am I saying? Why on earth is this happening?

Just don’t think about it. It’s all going to be okay in the end, you see. And even if it won’t, you’ll move on. I promise you.

Saw a post just now… says we should trust in the Lord. Well, do just that. And nothing more. Trust in God. And trust no one else.

I’m better now, but just. It’ll take some time, I know. But I’ll just move on in the end.

Never again, I tell you. Never again is this going to happen. EVER.


I was going through a rather tough time when I wrote this post. Writing this helped.


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