iQuiz, therefore I am

For hopeless quiz addicts–such as yours truly–who can’t survive without our regular dose of quizzing (I admit: it’s grown upon us almost like a drug; without as many ill-effects, albeit), there has been one very creative and original venture by our very own Quiz Man of India, Snehaj Srinivas (his is hardly likely to be a new name to those who are active in Kerala quizzing circles). iQuiz, begun in Calicut Medical College in February 2014 has been successfully been running for 13 months now, and still welcomes new visitors every month.

So, what exactly is iQuiz? It is what you might call a quiz meeting–a gathering of enthusiastic quizzers who get together every month. Every month, two (or more) informal quizzes are conducted by members who wish to do so. It’s just like a normal quiz–apart from the fact that there are no prizes and that they’re conducted purely for the love of the game.

I know what most of my (non-quizzing) friends’ reactions might be at this point: “Well, what’s the use of a quiz which doesn’t even give away prizes?” (I’ve already heard this from more than one person, so yeah well.) In the short-term, of course, it isn’t of much use. But iQuiz isn’t about the short-term. It’s the long-term benefits, as well as sheer passion for the game, that brings more and more people to the meet every month. It’s the opportunity to learn about the various trends in quizzing, current affairs (at least, that’s the case for me), and, more than anything else, to meet seasoned quizzers from across the state (for the meet is rarely restricted to people from the city only, although it is only held in Calicut). It may not exactly be a new concept to quizzers from the UK and other Western countries, where the pub-quiz culture prevails, but it is definitely a breakthrough in India, especially in Kerala.

You could probably say that iQuiz is most likely to be of use to those who actually take quizzing as a serious sport. You’d be surprised, though, just how many people take it seriously, judging from the composition of each meeting. A typical month usually has anywhere between 20 and 50 people, depending on whether vacations or exams are going on. However, even during the slack times, the number never goes below ten. The attendees are a motley bunch of people, with students–both college- and school-going–housewives, quizmasters, office-goers, self-employed, and Civil Service officers all joining in. The only thing that connects all of them is an enduring passion for the game known as quizzing.

So, whether you’re in school or college, employed or unemployed, or retired, if quizzing is your life-blood (or even if it isn’t–you may be surprised just how much you take to it), join us for the next meet at Government Arts and Sciences College, Meenchanda on April 19. We’ll be delighted to have you join.

Viva quizzing! 🙂



2 thoughts on “iQuiz, therefore I am

  1. I’m going to go try this iQuiz thing 😉

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