Better late than never…

I can’t believe this–all this time I’ve been posting, and I haven’t even introduced you to myself. How rude of me. I apologise wholeheartedly. So let me tell you all a little about myself (I know I’m making a complete about face from my previous post–ah, who cares, I didn’t like that post anyway.) To make things easier for all of us, we’ll use bullets:

  • Hi, all, I’m @cf_fairfeld [And no, you’re not. Quit asking, I’m doing the talking here!]
  • I’m a human being (Homo sapiens sapiens) living on a planet named Earth far, far away from you. [Oh, you live there too? Sorry, I didn’t know. Have we ever met?]
  • I am x years old and was born on dd/mm/yyyy. [all hail René Descartes the Great!]
  • My parents are Mohammed Chang and Jane Doe, and I have a sister named Anna Blank [she changed her surname at birth. Don’t ask me why, I have absolutely no idea!]
  • My dad works in Blankville and my mom in Dashtown. My sister is y years old and studies at Foobar High School.
  • Reading is my life and quizzing is my life-blood. Deprive me of it and you can see me literally shrink away and die. There, now you know how to kill me. [See just how much I trust you guys!]

I think that’s all you need to know for now. Time to hire a bodyguard, methinks…


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