Don’t lose hope, honey

If you think you’re unimportant–that you’re unloved, unwanted, and unnecessary, and that nothing you do matters, no one cares anyway–I tell you, you’re wrong.

Dale Carnegie–author of the bestselling How to Win Friends and Influence People–would say I’m approaching this the wrong way. Apparently, I should begin with the words “Perhaps I may be wrong, but in my opinion…”–in my opinion, this is one thing that I should tell you plain and clear, with no dithering and beating-round-the-bush. You. Are. Important. And. Necessary. Period.

Having successfully antagonized you folks who disagree with me, I want to tell you once more–more gently, granted, but just as firmly–yes, you’re important. You’re needed. You’re wanted. Most importantly, you’re loved.

There mayn’t be many, but there is at least one person who loves you and cares for you, irregardless of whether you know it or not. Yes, you may be passing through a hard time. (In fact, chances are extremely high that you are passing through a hard time.) But times change, you know. And the situation always improves. Whether the problem can be solved or not. Whether it lasts for a long time or not. To quote (and misquote) several great leaders, “Change is the only constant in an uncertain world.” Everything will be all right in the end, trust me.

I know. Many of you have been suffering for a long time. Over a period of months or even years. But please, whatever else may happen, don’t lose hope. I beg you. You’re strong enough to make it through this tough time. You may not know it, but we sure do. And, believe me, you will make it. And we love you for that.

Don’t hold on to your pain, honey. Just let it go. Trust me, you don’t need to suffer this way. I hate to see you like this. So does everyone around you. Everyone who cares for you. Everyone who loves you.

We may not understand your pains, maybe. No one can exactly understand what mental hell you’re going through right now. But see, we’re trying to help you. We can see–dimly, perhaps–the pain you’re enduring right now, and how it affects you. And we don’t like it. One bit. Because we love you.

You’re strong. We know you can make it. I have only one request of you–when you’re free of the torture, to pass this message on to others who aren’t as strong as you are and may need a little help up towards freedom.

And lastly–to all of you, whether you’ve experienced the pain or not–to please, please, spare people of all the mental pain and agony that comes out of jealousy, envy, and hatred. If you can’t relieve someone’s pain, at least don’t spread it.

With love and all my best wishes,

C. F. ❤


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