Perillatha post

The FIFA World Cup in 2014, and the ICC World Cup in 2015. I don’t know as much about cricket as I do about football though (let’s get a few things straight: 1. I love football, but I don’t know much about its history. 2. I’m just beginning to like cricket, and I know next to nothing about it), so if you’re expecting a question from me about it, think again. In fact, I’m not even sure if I’ll get killed by the cricket fans for writing this…😜 Peace, mes amis.✌

1. Which song by Mihir Joshi was in the news recently due to a controversial Censor Board decision to bleep out the word “Bombay”?
2. Which humorous novelist served in WW1 as an ambulance driver at the age of 65?
3. Which method of testing the mental frame of the person it is used on was invented by Hermann Rorschach?

P. S. India wins the match against Pakistan! 😄😄 WOOHOO


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