The Grammar Nazi Speaks Out

I said at the beginning that this was a site that published quiz questions. Well, don’t believe it, because no-one–not even I–know what I’ll post next. My blog, my rules, right? And, besides, while quizzing is a significant part of my life (more than 50%, say), it’s by no means the only part of my life. My first love is, and always has been, reading, and along with that comes a passion for proper spelling and grammar.

On re-reading, that bit about spelling and grammar seems to be a bit out of place, I suppose. I mean, who even has the time to check for all that? It’s the tech age, remember, where txtspk is mor convnint dn prop splng n gramr. Ugh! I suppose I’m old-fashioned, but I still think proper spelling and grammar is a must. Unfortunately, I myself have used textspeak at times. Especially while texting. Because–Gods above–it is quite convenient. I mn, ho evn has d tym to rit evrythn normaly wil evry1 is txting @ 60 kmph? You have to keep up with the times, baby. (Okay, maybe I’m not that old-fashioned.)

Seriously, though, I have a penchant for proper spelling and grammar. Most of my posts bemoan the lack of spelling and grammar these days. My classmates are bored stiff when they (are forced to) listen to yet another of my seemingly endless lectures–and that’s on a good day. To top it all, I’m known as the Grammar Nazi in many quizzing circles (thanks @amul_baby for that name). It’s a good world to be a GN in, though. If you adapt, you thrive. And, of course, there are many sites out there on the Internet which are as welcome as oases in the wilderness: my personal favourite is the Grammarly blog. Totally class.

I make allowances, of course, for people with no sense of spelling and grammar. It’s their circumstances, not they, who are at fault. But inwardly I fume.

And I still hate textspeak.

(P. S. This post sounds quite grouchy on second reading. Pardon me, please. 😉 )


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